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Soft Machine - The Peel Sessions, 1969-1971 (Canterbury)

Originally posted by barin99 at Soft Machine - The Peel Sessions, 1969-1971 (Canterbury)

1. Moon in June 13:05
2. Esther's Nose Job 11:58
3. Mousetrap/Noisette/Backwards/Mousetrap Reprise/Esther's Nose Job 8:47
4. Slightly All the Time 15:20

1. Facelift 11:58
2. Virtually 9:58
3. Neo Caliban Grides 7:34
4. Drop 6:59
5. As If 7:49
6. Dedicated to You But You Weren't Listening 2:45

Elton Dean - alto sax, saxello
Mike Ratledge - keyboards
Robert Wyatt - drums
Hugh Hopper - bass
Lyn Dobson - soprano sax, flute
Mark Charig - cornet
Nick Evans - trombone

"On their good days, Soft Machine could slide effortlessly between jazz, rock, and classical influences and show a lot of other bands how it's done. Unlike a lot of other Peel Sessions releases, which include as little as a quartet of tracks, this volume, drawn from appearances on the BBC from June 1969 through November 1971, takes up two full CDs, and none of the space is wasted - disc one also opens with Robert Wyatt's special invocational version of 'Moon in June,' written for the occasion and referring to it throughout. It is strange, but the bandmembers' playing is so confident and elegant that they make their case and then some - they were already acquitting themselves better than other neophyte outfits like King Crimson, based on the evidence presented here. The sound is good and the group was on form throughout these appearances, evidently having been given a blank check (within reason) by the BBC. [All of the tracks here that include Robert Wyatt - that is, everything except 'Drop' and 'As If,' were later included in the definitive BBC Radio 1967-1971 two-disc set released in 2003. That set also features improved sound and a booklet featuring extensive liner notes, historical photographs, and session details. If one is inclined to miss the presence of 'Drop' and 'As If,' those tracks are included in the companion volume, BBC Radio 1971-1974]."

The Peel Sessions


The Peel Sessions

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